FRRouting Release 7.2 Available for Download

October 16, 2019

We are pleased to announce FRR 7.2. This is a very big release, with a lot of bugs fixed, new features and even a new protocol daemon. We're also very happy to share that this release has the largest number of individual contributors of any release to date! Big thanks to all contributors.

Major additions in this release include:

  • Support for VRRP
  • Support for BMP
  • Support for PIM-BSM

Important Note

As of this post, we are still working on creating binary packages. Source tarballs can be found at the bottom of this post. This post will be updated when packaging operations are completed. As a reminder, our Debian repository is located at


All daemons:

  • -N <namespace> allows specifying a path postfix on the normal FRR config directory. This is helpful when running multiple FRR instances within different network namespaces.
  • access-lists now support sequence numbers
  • Route-maps now support matching blackhole nexthops: match ip next-hop type blackhole
  • Route-maps are now smarter when dependencies change
  • New command log-filter WORD adds builtin support for log filtering at the output stage

New daemon: vrrpd


  • Gained VRF support
  • Gained support for Northbound API


  • aggregate-address gained support for route maps
  • show bgp ipv4 unicast command family now shows FQDN for peers, if available
  • For route show commands, display the bestpath selection criterion
  • New show bgp <afi> <safi> summary failed command to show neighbors that failed to Establish
  • clear bgp * command now clears all peers, instead of only IPv6 peers
  • Improved JSON output for many commands
  • New module adds support for BMP


  • SIGHUP now signals a config reload
  • Gained support for Northbound API
  • Infrastructure changes to allow VRFs


  • Gained BFD support
  • Gained Support for circuits with MTUs > 8192


  • fwmark support as part of match criteria
  • CLI commands gained autocomplete support for PBRMAPS
  • Improved support for nexthops


  • Gained support for PIM-BSM
  • Improved debugging support
  • Unusable ECMP paths are now saved in case they become valid in the future
  • IGMP queries not originated from directly connected sources are now ignored
  • Many new CLI improvements


  • sharp watch [import|nexthop] now accepts prefixes instead of assuming /32


  • Significantly improved next-hop tracking support


  • Many dataplane-level improvements for routes, neighbor tables and EVPN
  • Next-hop tracking CLI is now VRF-aware
  • Next-hop tracking show commands have new options to modify output
  • Excised some duplicated work in route processing
  • Improved debugging facilities
  • Gained RMAC and VXLAN support for the FPM interface

Internal improvements

  • Library now has RCU primitives and facilities
  • Zebra continues to gain support for nexthop groups
  • ripd, isisd and ospfd can now be built to use openssl for MD5 crypto operations instead of FRR library functions, if desired
  • Builds will now fail by default if libcap is not present, due to severe performance issues when it is missing
  • Glue code for Lua support has been updated
  • Various improvements for cross compilation

Packaging changes


  • Add fabricd
  • Add libyang
  • Update rtrlib
  • Update rpki