FRRouting Release 7.3.1 Available for Download

June 14, 2020

We are pleased to announce FRR 7.3 and 7.3.1. The FRR 7.3 release contains
mostly under the hood improvements and modernizations. Big thanks to all

General overview:

  • More Python 3 support (except for CentOS6)
  • Logrotate support for bfdd, pbrd and vrrpd
  • Renamed all man pages to start with frr-<daemon>
  • New profiles support: traditional and datacenter
  • pimd/zebra MLAG support
  • zebra next hop group support
  • vrrpd VRF, YANG model and northbound support
  • bgpd and ospfd performance improvements

Debian packages:

Gentoo repository and ebuilds:

And source code for the releases here:

Changes in 7.3

All daemons

  • VRF name change bug fixes
  • More VRF commands with auto completion
  • Northbound performance improvement on non-transactional usage
  • Northbound reduce memory usage
  • Fixed some ARM crashes
  • Profiles support (traditional, datacenter): don't use --enable-datacenter configure option anymore (see /etc/daemons).


  • Bug fix: EVPN ecommunity auto rts
  • Bug fix: clear VNI prefix-routes-only flag on removal command
  • Bug fix: IPv6 next hop when there are no link-local addresses
  • Bug fix: set ipv6 next-hop prefer-global now works with IPv4 peers
  • Aggregate-address route map support
  • Route map support for altering distance (set distance)
  • Fix invalid next hop error notification (martian next hops)
  • Message sending performance improvement (see vector io)
  • New BGP commad-line option for large operations: --socket-size
  • Sender side loop AS path loop detection support
  • New bgp reject-as-sets command to deprecate AS_SET and AS_CONFED_SET


  • Packet reading performance improvements
  • Debug tuning to remove verbosity


  • Experimental MLAG support
  • Set ToS value for multicast control packets
  • Refactory and a lot of fixes


  • Bug fix: update static route on next-hop VRF change
  • Static route configuration fail and warn if gateway is local address


  • New command to ignore daemon state (useful for debugging)
  • Better systemd integration


  • VRF support
  • New FRR specific YANG model
  • Northbound support


  • VxLAN: deactivate some debugs by default
  • MPLS: improved handling and better show mpls table output
  • SR: use different SR identifications for OSPF/IS-IS implementations
  • VRF: allow route summary for different tables
  • Next hop groups support
  • Improved interface handling
  • Experimental MLAG support
  • RFC 4861 compliance: reduce frequency of Router Advertisements

Changes in 7.3.1

All daemons

  • Reverted YANG leaf ref feature: it doesn't work with the supported libyang 0.16.104 (known as 0.16-r3).
  • Fix compilation with GCC 10


  • Next hop tracking fixes
  • Fix some diagnostic messages
  • Fix UPDATEs discard with global next hops set to ::


  • Fix broken LSP handling (FRRouting issue #6127)


  • Fix processing loop on multiple ABRs when acting as ASBRs.


  • Added command to force disable next hop group support (no zebra nexthop kernel enable)
  • More next hop group fixes
  • Disable next hop groups when using NetNS

Detailed Change Log for 7.3

Detailed Change Log for 7.3.1